Monday, June 4, 2012

Aomojikei idol from Harajuku


In Japan, one idol called Kyarypamyupamyu seems really popular now. Surprisingly, she ranked a top in iTunes general album chart in Japan and also in electro music chart in the U.S, France and Belgium.

People who don't live in Japan may say "Who is she?", but according to the internet, she is the group of Aomojikei fashion model and then she made her debut last year produced by Yasutaka Nakata who is known for producing the famous idol unit called Perfume.
She is getting famous not only in Japan, but also in the U.S and Europe through iTunes and You Tube with her unique fashion and pop pretty music (see attached movie below) and she already had a mini-live in LA last year.

As for me residing in the U.S over three years, first of all, I had to clarify what is Aomojikei? According to the internet, Aomojikei(blue text group) came from woman's fashion magazines. Aomojikeizasshi is a magazine focused on anti-conservative and being liked by same-sex peers based on Harajuku as a trend information center. Representative examples are Zipper, Sweet, Spring and Cutie.
Originally, there are some woman's fashion magazines such as CanCan, ViVi and Ray. These magazines which focus on conservative and being liked by males are called Akamojikei(red text group), because these magazines' logo uses red end of the spectrum. Then, Aomojikei is used as an antithesis mean. So Aomojikei magizines don't use blue text on their title.

Akamojikei & Aomojikei

I watched her on You Tube and I thought it's ridiculous at first glance, but it's so cute, fresh and new. So I think she will be accepted not only in Japan, but also all over the world. It looks ordinary at glance, but it's not actually. Best of all, it's synchronized with the fashion and music perfectly and once I watch it, it leaves unforgettable impression to me. The promotion video is also amazing and cute. So, I can't avoid from this feeling that typical idol group such as AKB48 and KARA looks old compared to her. And it also reminds me one Japanese artist called Moon Kana. She is popular in Europe and the U.S for the past ten years.


As for non Japanese, it could be difficult to distinguish from Akibakei costume players(Animation costume players) . However it's doesn't matter and she should extend her range of expression more. Like accepting experimental idol group Perfume and Hatsune Miku, I hope she will keep on trying some new value.

Now Japanese animation became as one of the big Japanese culture contents. So, I hope Japanese idol and fashion culture will become as a new Japanese culture which lead the world and I hope she will surpass Lady Gaga in the future.

Written in May 31 2012

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